Hey, makers!
Interested in offering an exclusive to the Product Hunt community?  Awesome. :)

First, here are a few guidelines:

1. Make it special.
Offer a meaningful discount (if it’s a paid product) or early access* not available to the general public.

2. Introduce the exclusive.
Your landing page should mention the offer (e.g. “Hello, Product Hunters! Get 30% off with code, ‘PRODUCTHUNT30’”).  Feel free to keep it simple, or get creative like our friends at Algolia (https://www.algolia.com/cc/producthunt).

3. It has to be new.
Like all posts on Product Hunt, the product must be new to the community. Sorry, no reposts.

*Unfortunately, we cannot accept TestFlight or limited release betas.  The product must be useable/downloadable immediately for everyone on Product Hunt.
Yes! Let's do this. :)
What's your personal Twitter username? *

This should be the Twitter username of your own account, NOT your company handle.  Please ensure that you've logged into Product Hunt (http://producthunt.com/login) prior to filling this out.
What's your email address? *

What date would you like to launch on Product Hunt? *

Exclusives generally launch early in the morning (pacific time) but please specify if the time of day is important for you.
What is your product's name? *

What is your product's tagline? *

Succinct, clear taglines usually work best. This should describe what your product does and no need to include details about your exclusive offer.
What's the URL for your product? *

Remember, exclusives must include a mention of the offer on the landing page.  If you don't have this setup yet, feel free to provide a unique URL later (we'll be in touch!).
If applicable, please also provide App Store and Play Store links

Line 1: url
Line 2: url
Please describe the offer you want to provide to our community *

Either: A meaningful discount to Product Hunters (e.g. “Hello, Product Hunters! Get 30% off with code, ‘PRODUCTHUNT30’”) OR “First launched on Product Hunt” (eg not available to the general public) - See https://www.producthunt.com/posts/repostage for a good example.
Include a brief, personal comment to include on your behalf in the post. *

Feel free to intro the product to add more context and open it up to questions, but don't get too verbose. :)
Thanks!  We'll get back to you.  In the meantime, happy hunting. :)
Let's Go Hunting
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